About Us

Mary Simons (previously from Scents Sparkle and Shine) acquired an established local business (Finca El Monte) in Buckingham on Christmas Eve 2015.

about us

 The shop is located within an area of Buckingham known as "The Hidden Quarter".

The previous owners of Finca El Monte, Mark Taunton and Claire Gallagher, worked with six different small family companies in various areas of Spain to develop their ceramic ranges, all of which are made and painted by hand by the latest in a long line of artisans. Claire & Mark personally know all of the Spanish suppliers by name and Mary hopes to continue working with them well into the future, bringing new ranges out each year.

The new ‘Artesania’ range is a collaboration between Finca El Monte and various Fairtrade Co-operatives around the world. It is aimed at bringing you beautiful, colourful handcrafted textiles, jewellery, bags and accessories, hand-blown glassware, hand-painted tiles, carved wood and more.

We only buy from companies who pay fair wages and provide safe working conditions for their workers. Most also pay fees for their workers children to go to school, and health insurance for their whole family. In the developing world this is invaluable for building the communities of the future.

By buying from Finca El Monte you are helping to keep age old crafts alive and making a brighter, more colourful world for us all, so thank you!